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[texts]Reference Series Volume 9 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 5,940
[texts]Reference Series Volume 10 Issue 2 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 5,505
[texts]Smart Computing Volume 15 Issue 8 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 4,371
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2011-12 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: web; digit; android; gaming; mobile; asus; build quality; google; december; zerol; zerol winner; worthy mentions; intel core; open source; graphics card; samsung galaxy; media players; angry birds
Downloads: 5,422
[texts]68 Micro Journal Volume 03 Number 07

Keywords: program; subroutine; ram; memory; software; disk; programs; micro; micro journal; data; ram board; computer systems; assembly language; return address; static ram; source code; parameter area; power supply; calling program
Downloads: 900
[texts]Reference Series Volume 9 Issue 2 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 4,426
[texts]PC Today Volume 2 Issue 12 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,944
[texts]Amiga Format Magazine Issue 066

Keywords: amiga; disk; software; ram; disks; aga; drive; games; workbench; colour; amiga format; hard drive; final writer; hard disk; hard drives; credit card; mortal kombat; cannon fodder; premier manager; mail order
Downloads: 2,220
[texts]Personal Computer World (2006-06)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Personal Computer World (2006-06)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Keywords: usb; dvd; intel; yyepg; graphics; digital; proudly; software; jhx; internet; yyepg proudly; presents jhx; proudly presents; hard drive; media center; hard disk; verdict pros; graphics card; card reader; details price
Downloads: 2,714
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2007-10 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 3,375
[texts]CE Tips Volume 2 Issue 10 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,534
[texts]PC Today Volume 2 Issue 10 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,208
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 58

Keywords: data; commodore; software; program; print; color; printer; disk; disk drive; computer; super graphix; check reader; low sale; sale price; toll free; question box; software gallery
Downloads: 1,049
[texts]CE Lifestyles Volume 1 Issue 1 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 658
[texts]Power Play Magazine (May 1996)

Keywords: die; und; den; das; mit; von; auf; ein; mit dem; mit der; komplett deutsch; auf der; wing commander; auf dem; und die; auf die; fur die; bei der
Downloads: 677
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2010-06 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,674
[texts]PC Today Volume 3 Issue 12 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 2,079
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 139
Compute! Issue 139 - April 1992. Access and security: freedom of information (includes related product list) - Ami Pro 2.0 (word processing software) (Evaluation) - Artificial musician (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Artificially Intelligent Computer Performer) (Column) - DATALUX ML LCD monitor (Evaluation) - Don't go home without it (merchant cards for home-based businesses) - Easier Windows programming (Column) (Evaluation) - Editorial license (changes made to Compute magazine) (Editori...
Keywords: ibm; computer; disk; software; ing; compute; commodore; program; reader; disk drive; vga; reader service; circle reader; service number; compute april; ibm ibm; sound blaster; hard drive; super vga; hard disk
Downloads: 3,497
[texts]Personal Computer World (2008-11)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Personal Computer World (2008-11)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Keywords: web; windows; server; software; features; usb; microsoft; intel; memory; email; hard drive; hard disk; verdict pros; operating system; group test; sql server; card reader; memory card; memory stick; microsoft windows
Downloads: 2,295
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2010-01 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,307
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 131
Compute! Issue 131 - July 1991. Alex Randall's Used Computer Handbook (book reviews) - Artbeats full page images (desktop publishing graphics software) (evaluation) - Brooktrout Fax-Mail 96 (PC internal fax) (evaluation) - Complete Laptop Computer Guide (book reviews) - CorelDRAW! (graphics software) (evaluation) - Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers On the Computer Frontier (book reviews) - Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (game software) (evaluation) - Frecom Fax96 (evaluation) - Future Classics Collec...
Keywords: compute; program; disk; software; rll; computer; fax; ibm; scsi; programs; compute july; scsi rll; hard disk; esdi rll; hard drive; sales tax; money order
Downloads: 3,663
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (March 1980) Volume 06 Number 03

Keywords: program; computer; software; programs; computing; disk; data; creative; creative computing; print; radio shack; machine language; personal computer; micro focus; oooo oooo; north star; word processing
Downloads: 2,165
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 17 Number 05: 3 Number D :The Next Generation of Graphics

Keywords: inquiry; software; data; windows; graphics; byte; vga; dos; fax; hard drive; ide hard; inquiry card; registered trademark; registered trademarks; hard disk; floppy drive; bit kit; hard drives; bar code
Downloads: 2,446
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2011-05 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 1,913
[texts]STart Magazine Issue 21 - Antic Publishing

Keywords: STart magazine; Atari ST
Downloads: 560
[texts]Personal Computer World (2008-03)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Personal Computer World (2008-03)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Keywords: windows; web; vista; dvd; software; digital; intel; linux; usb; features; hard disk; verdict pros; hard drive; details price; best price; group test; windows vista; personal computer; internet security; intel core
Downloads: 2,746
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2009-05 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 3,012
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 140
Compute! Issue 140 - May 1992. 10 can't-do-without laptop programs (Compute's Getting Started with Portable Computing) (Buyers Guide) - 25 tips from the pros (Compute's Getting Started with Portable Computing) - Baby-Namer! (software package) (Evaluation) - Back from the dead (file recovery using MS-DOS) (Column) - Barney Bear Goes to School (educational software) (Evaluation) - California Games II (computer game) (Evaluation) - COMPUTE/NET has something for everybody (electronic bulletin board)...
Keywords: disk; software; program; compute; ibm; windows; computer; file; hard disk; quattro pro; hard drive; batch file; pixel mover; word processor; legal software
Downloads: 2,597
[texts]BBS Magazine: Volume 7 Number 1 (January 1996)
BBS Magazine: Volume 7 Number 1 (January 1996)
Keywords: bbs; online; internet; web; software; files; windows; users; shareware; modem; bbs magazine; bbs software; internet access; online services; web site; source code; online service; icon maker; hard disk; bulletin board
Downloads: 1,706
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 42

Keywords: crash; ihe; ttie; ttw; tor; game; july; thai; spectrum; lor; crash july; rem crash; mag max; shropshire sys; music machine; melbourne house; software houses; mail order; james bond; playability addictive
Downloads: 967
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2010-09 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,563
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 146
Compute! Issue 146 - November 1992. 136 Colors (computer program for producing colors) - A-Max II Plus (Macintosh emulator for Amiga computers) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Aces of the Pacific (game software) (Software Review) (Column) (Evaluation) - Adding zip to BASIC (computer programming; faster BASIC programs) - Addtech Research Slim-Pro MB-2500 SX (portable computer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Adobe Illustrator Version 4.0 for Windows (computer graphics software) (Software Review...
Keywords: program; compute; disk; software; sprite; color; ibm; compute november; hard drive; mob master; hard disk; machine language; test lab; money order
Downloads: 2,264
[texts]Smart Computing Volume 21 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,499
[texts]Personal Computer World (2007-01)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Personal Computer World (2007-01)(VNU Business Publications)(GB)
Keywords: windows; dvd; core; duo; intel; usb; graphics; digital; processor; mobile; hard drive; hard disk; media center; windows vista; center edition; dual layer; serial ata; dvd writer; card reader; details price
Downloads: 2,799
[texts]Amiga Format Magazine Issue 116

Keywords: amiga; software; disk; ide; scsi; format; ram; interface; workbench; cable; amiga format; hard drive; format november; hard drives; epson stylus; digital convergence; buffered interface; hard disk; zip drive; chip ram
Downloads: 1,237
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine October 1980

Keywords: program; disk; software; data; programs; basic; model; computer; printer; radio shack; machine language; light pen; assembly language; power supply; basic program; disk drive; machine code; disk drives; program listing
Downloads: 2,275
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 20 Number 09: 20 Years
Byte Magazine Volume 20 Issue 09: 20 Years
Keywords: software; windows; data; byte; fax; computer; pentium; color; hard drive; byte september; dual scan; floppy drive; warp connect; raid array; computer systems
Downloads: 4,242
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 157
Compute! Issue 157 - October 1993. Are we having fun, yet? (multimedia applications) (includes related article on previously reviewed multimedia applications) (Software Review) (Compute's Getting Started With: Multimedia Applications) (Evaluation) - Becoming a help power user (Windows Help application) (Windows Workshop) - Breathing room (managing hard disk space) - Burning rubber (driving simulation computer games) (Evaluation) - Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space (computer simulation game) (Evaluat...
Keywords: disk; program; software; compute; windows; file; computer; compute october; hard disk; radio fence; test lab; hard drive; free catalog; disk drive
Downloads: 4,937
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 55
Compute! Gazette Volume 6 Number 1. How To Buy a Modem for Your Commodore, A Buyer's Guide to Modems, Going Online -- Getting in Touch with Some of the Best Commodore Bulletin Boards, Review: Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, Review: Rainy Day Games, Review: Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, Review: Dolphin DOS, Delta War, Cats 'N' Dogs, Needlework Graphics Editor, Computing For Families: Robotics -- The Real Robot Revolution, Tile Paint for the 128, Sound Manager, Sprint II: A Compi...
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; programs; print; computer; color; data; software; graphics; dolphin dos; retail price; disk drive; toll free; machine language; suggested retail; tile paint; gazette january; electronic arts
Downloads: 2,221
[texts]Amiga Format Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: amiga; disk; ram; game; software; disks; games; workbench; ihe; colour; deluxe paint; amiga format; prices include; fun school; hard disk; disk drive; ram expansion; citizen swift; hard drive; credit card
Downloads: 1,703
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 155
Compute! Issue 155 - August 1993. Amazon: Guardians of Eden (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Arthur's Teacher Trouble (CD-ROM storybook) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - AST 4/33S Model 123B (AST Research, microcomputer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Basically, a true bargain (True BASIC Sampler Edition) (Software Review) (Programming Power)(Column) (Evaluation) - Bigger games, smaller game makers (new computer games) - By the books (computer books) - Create and control (socie...
Keywords: disk; windows; software; data; compute; dos; program; compute august; test lab; machine language; sound blaster; windows applications; hard disk; desktop publishing
Downloads: 1,991
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 158
Compute! Issue 158 - November 1993. 18 practical hints and tips for DTP work (Compute's Getting Started With: Desktop Publishing) - A Place for My Stuff (database application development software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - ALR Evolution IV MPC (Advanced Logic Research Evolution IV Multimedia Personal Computer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Battle Chess 4000 (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Build-in Windows power tools (Microsoft Windows advanced features) (Evaluation) -...
Keywords: software; program; disk; sound; compute; windows; fax; compute november; hard drive; sound card; hard disk; sound effects; sound blaster; tax edge
Downloads: 6,741
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 134
Compute! Issue 134 - October 1991. 200 million miles per hour (IBM's newest multichip package, part of their new System/390 computer series) (product announcement) - Assembly means speed (programming in assembly language) (Special Anniversary Issue) - Bushbuck Charms, Viking Ships, & Dodo Eggs/GeoJigsaw (evaluation) - Buyer's guide to virus protection software (Special Anniversary Issue) (buyers guide) - CD Technology Porta-Drive (portable CD-ROM drive) (evaluation) - Censoring the fun out of Pr...
Keywords: software; program; compute; disk; erm; computer; ibm; online; dos; compute october; hard disk; hard drive; sales tax; boot sector; america online; sound blaster
Downloads: 2,883
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2010-11 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 1,634
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 145
Compute! Issue 145 - October 1992. A look inside the soul of your machine: MIPS, BIPS and super-chips (includes related articles) - Accidental Empires (book reviews) - Check and mate: the ancient game meets modern times (computer chess; includes related article) - DFI 486/33 (computer) (Evaluation) - Distant Suns (Evaluation) - Doctor Schueler's Home Medical Advisor 2.0 (medical/health software) (Evaluation) - Hard Drive (book reviews) - HDC Power Launcher (file management software) (Evaluation)...
Keywords: disk; program; software; compute; ibm; programs; computer; compute october; hard drive; hard disk; virtual reality; laser printer; free catalog; test lab
Downloads: 2,990
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (February 1984) Volume 10 Number 02

Keywords: apple; software; computer; program; creative; disk; color; graphics; computing; ibm; creative computing; disk drives; personal computer; print print; microsoft windows; disk drive
Downloads: 1,375
[texts]PC Today Volume 4 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,747
[texts]Computer Power User Volume 4 Issue 10 - Sandhills Publishing

Keywords: cpu; file; digital; web; program; athlon; graphics; nvidia; pci; pci express; hard drive; windows media; symantec norton; intel pentium; drive image; digital music; hat area; hard hat; xml schema
Downloads: 2,820
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 141
Compute! Issue 141 - June 1992. 15 tips from the pros (includes related article on speeding up Windows graphics) (Compute's Getting Started with Desktop Graphics ) - AcerAnyWare 1120NX (notebook computer) (Evaluation) - Avery Personal Label Printer (Evaluation) - Avoid the boot-up blues (bootable floppy disks) (Column) - Conan the Cimmerian (computer adventure game) (Evaluation) - Desktop Publishing by Design, Ventura Publisher Edition (book reviews) - DiscXchange (hard drive) (Evaluation) - DR ...
Keywords: disk; software; program; compute; dos; ibm; file; computer; compute june; hard drive; sound blaster; hard disk; sprint iii; machine language; test lab
Downloads: 3,222
[texts]PC Today Volume 4 Issue 3 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 1,329
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